Adopt-A-Highway Project 2024

Our firm took part in the annual Adopt-A-Highway Project on May 20th.

 Our firm is also proud that this will be our 15th consecutive year in committing to this project and it is a great way to show our ongoing commitment to our community!

A map is provided to staff as we clean up from the Hollidaysburg YMCA to the lower side of Chimney Rocks on Route 36.  A set of two people are assigned to a section as both sides of their assigned street/section is cleared of debris.

A big shout out to all those that helped this year Joe LehmanBetsy Lehman, Lauren Lehman, Ryan Murphy, Ryan Granville, Adam Shriver, Evan Cardoza, Chantal Sisko, Scott Klingenberg, Jim Marhefka, Jim Frank, Beverly Green, Dave Butterbaugh, Bob Bryant, Elizabeth Heggi, Sarah Lockard, Ashley O’Neil and Tammie Fleck.





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Joseph Lehman, President – Receives 2024 ASHE Distinguished Service Award

P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers is pleased to congratulate its President, P. Joseph Lehman, Jr., P.E., on earning the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Altoona section’s 2024 Richard L. McEldowney Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes a colleague for significant dedication and contributions to the highway engineering industry and to ASHE, both the Altoona chapter and nationally. It was presented to Lehman at the organization’s annual Awards Presentation & Scholarship Banquet held at The Casino at Lakemont Park on May 15th.

Joe Lehman is celebrating his 31st Anniversary with P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers, established in 1969 by Joe’s father, P. Joseph Lehman, and has served as the company’s President and majority owner for the past 19 years. Joe is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and eight surrounding states and is also a Certified Bridge Safety Inspector. He has been a member of ASHE Altoona for more than 25 years.

“I hope my personal service and contributions in the industry and in our communities that we serve means we are all more connected, safer, and better than we were before,” Lehman said. “The beauty, preservation, and growth realized upon completion of a project is near and dear to my heart.  I have such pride in sharing stories of the work we have done at Lehman Engineers. I am humbled by this recognition and share the award completely with my dedicated partners and employees who deserve to be recognized beside me for their many contributions that has led to our success.”

About ASHE: The American Society of Highway Engineers has been promoting transportation and creating leadership opportunities since 1958 through premiere networking opportunities nationwide. The mission of ASHE is to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system through education, innovation, and fellowship. The 66-year-old, volunteer-led organization has over 6,000 members and 45 operating sections in 9 regions across the U.S.  Learn More: www.ashe.pro

Pictured Left to Right: Dave Hoglund, PE, CBSI, Joseph Lehman, Jr., PJL President, Michele Girolami & Jason Jackson, PE, CPESC

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Betsy Lehman, Special Projects Director, Joins Medical Mission Trip

A group of servant leaders from St. Michael the Archangel and St. Mary’s Parishes in Hollidaysburg, PA went on a medical Mission trip to the Holy Spirit Medical Mission in Maggotty, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica in the West Indies. Maggotty, described as a “deep, rural district,” is a poor but beautiful agricultural region situated along a bend of the Black River.

The group included: Betsy Lehman, Director of Special Projects at PJL, Inc.  They traveled to the middle of Jamaica, March 16-22 to support the Holy Spirit Church and Foundation. A Physical therapy team included: Dr. Bill Hanlon and Dr. Alyssa Arnold (Good Shepherd, State College); occupational therapist Andrea Wilk; podiatrist Dr. Martha Klingbeil; optometrists Dr. Joan Bartolotta and Dr. Rick Centar; medical support Lee Farnan and Betsy Lehman and logistics and support staff Lisa Georgiana. The group took over 20 large suitcases with medical supplies and support products needed for the mission. They also took some materials for the school program help near the clinic on an adjacent entrance property. 

Each day started with mass at 7:00 am followed by a quick breakfast. Betsy spent her time with the eye care team doing pressure checks and fitting patients for prescription glasses and sunglasses. The eye clinic took care of approximately 200 patients in 4 days at the clinic working from 8 am – 5:30 depending on the day.  The people from all around Maggoty would wait all day until it was their turn to be seen by one or more doctors at the clinic. Betsy  said,” The gratitude from the patients was overwhelming and their joy was expressed in words, hugs and songs. The people of Jamaica were beautiful and kind.”

Betsy is pictured, second from the left.  

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Centre County Association of Township Officials Spring Convention

 Lehman Engineers was proud to support the Centre County Association of Township Officials at their Spring Convention in Pleasant Gap this week.  Client Services Director, Jim Frank, represented our company at the event.  

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“Engineers Fight to CAN Hunger” 2024

National Engineers Week took place February 18-24, 2024.  As part of the “Engineers Fight to CAN Hunger”, the firm donated $250.00 to the American Rescue Workers.  We enjoyed the collaborative efforts with Keller Engineers.  Along with our check and others involved, a total of $7,176.00 was presented to ARW for the 15th Annual Food Drive.

During these collaborative efforts, Lehman Engineer’s donated a check, in the amount of $250.00 to this worthy cause.  However, Lehman’s conducts their own food drive via Lauren Lehman, daughter of Joe Lehman, Jr., President.  This year, the Food Drive by Lauren, collected $2,641 total AND a outstanding 2 SUVs full of food.  In support of the fight hunger, Lauren’s annual efforts and donation goes to the Dorothy Day Center!

Our firm was proud to send our check for the ARW and support enormous efforts also for the The Dorothy Day Center!

We celebrate this mission wholeheartedly and are so proud to be part of “Engineers Fight to CAN Hunger” team and other efforts within our community!


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Lehman’s Chosen as Top 100 Organizations of PA

As stated by the Pennsylvania Business Central magazine, “In the heart of Pennsylvania, where bus­tling communities blend seamlessly with serene landscapes, lies a region rich in innovation, resilience, and community spirit. Central Pennsylvania thrives on the collective efforts of its vibrant organi­zations, driving economic growth, social progress, and technological advance­ment. As we follow up on our Top 100 People edition in January, we now want to recognize and honor the pillars of this dynamic landscape, so we are proud to present our 2024 edition of the Top 100 Organizations in Central Pennsylvania.”

That said, we are proud to announce that P. JOSEPH LEHMAN, Inc. was selected as one of the Top 100 Organizations in Pennsylvania!

PA Business Central article continues, “In recognizing the Top 100 Organiza­tions, we celebrate not only their individ­ual successes but also the interconnect­edness of our communities. Behind every milestone achieved and every accolade earned, lie countless hours of dedication, collaboration, and perseverance. It is this spirit of collective endeavor that propels central Pennsylvania forward, fostering a culture of excellence and progress.”

We at the firm our honored to be selected for such a prestigious recognition and thank the PA Business Central for choosing our firm!

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National Society of Professional Engineers Celebrates Engineers Week

 The National Society of Professional Engineers initiated Engineers Week in 1951 to highlight the important role engineers play in our society, and it has been celebrated every year since. Engineering is all around us, from the roads and bridges we travel on, to the cars and planes we use to ride around. Though often unseen, the cleverness of engineering makes our lives easier and safer in hundreds of different ways. Appreciate an engineer today or encourage an aspiring engineer around you to pursue their dreams!

During the week, our firm highlighted each engineer to showcase their talents but also show their personal likes and interests.

 In addition, many young minds want to follow those footsteps.  STEM/STEAM is provided and encouraged in all the schools. Betsy Lehman, Special Projects Director, pictured in back, visited the Fairview Campus to encourage kids to follow their dreams!

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Tom Bilko, 15th Year with Lehman’s

Our firm would like to congratulate Tom Bilko, Environmental Scientist.  Tom is celebrating his 15th Year Work Anniversary as of February 9, 2024!  Staff joined in on his milestone by celebrating with an office pizza party.  Congrats Tom!

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Lauren Lehman’s Food Drive for The Dorothy Day Center

ALL teams have hit it out of the park!!  They were tasked with finding creative “16th Birthday” themed ways to solicite both monetary donations and nonperishables.  They had done spectacular, to say the least, as seen by Team Captains – Pictured left to right: James Marhefka, Senior Project Geologist, Joseph Shields, Survey Technician III, Chantal Sisko, Environmental Scientist & GIS Technician, Lauren Lehman, Joe Lehman, President’s daughter, and Sarah Lockard, Designer I.

The lunchroom was filled to the brim with donated items.  In addition, there had been a total of $635.00 in monetary donations!!!  Lauren Lehman visited the office on Monday, January 29th to perform the judging of the creative food boxes that were made by each team captain, based on the theme but inspire office staff to contribute!  What a fun, incredibly awesome, hilariously competitive food drive! With a total of $635.00 in monetary donations and 721 nonperishable items, this competition was nothing short of a HUGE success! Every team was a winner!!!  One young lady, and a firm of wonderful employees that was inspired by this young lady, helped The Dorothy Day Center!!!!  The most thanks goes out to Lauren who has collected food every year since her fourth birthday.  She just turned 16 and has been collecting for 12+ straight years!  Thank you, Lauren, for inspiring us all!

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PSU Spring Career Day

Craig Stodart, Bridge Design Director (pictured left) and Bill Smith, P.E. (pictured right), participated in the PSU Spring Career Day, State College, PA., on Jan. 24, 2024.  They were visited by many current students and graduates, discussing potential job and internship opportunities within our firm.  

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