P. JOSEPH LEHMAN, Inc., Consulting Engineers can point to extensive multi-disciplined experience in a wide array of industry sectors.  From the rehabilitation of historic covered bridges, to the design of roadways, to flood wall replacements, to assisting clients with applications for state and federal grants, and even to the restoration of one of the world’s first roller coasters, we promise our clients our meticulous attention to detail, our knowledge of engineering principles and practices, and the integrity that has enabled us to be successful for close to 55 years. Our designers draw on this past experience every day, offering our clients with both innovative and proven engineering solutions. Our continued success is due in no small part to the caliber of staff we hire, train and retain.  Our talented engineers are known for their uncompromising standards, their experience in our market sectors, their attention to budgets and schedules, and their superior client service.  They are trained in the latest technology and respected by their peers in their fields of expertise.  In addition to their engineering skills, our staff members are also trained in project management principles, earning them the trust of our clients. When you hire P. JOSEPH LEHMAN, Inc., Consulting Engineers to undertake your project, you can be assured that you have a team of dedicated professionals who will listen to you and serve as your partner to meet your goals, expectations, and budget.



  • P. Joseph Lehman, Jr., P.E.


Bridge Team

  • Craig K. Stodart, P.E.

    Bridge Design Director

  • Donald L. Fix, IV, E.I.T.

    Bridge Inspection/Structural Field Services Director

  • William H. Smith, P.E.

    Project Engineer

  • Becky D. Casalvieri

    Technician IV

  • Ryan P. Murphy, E.I.T.

    Designer II

  • J. Warren Stoner

    Constructability Review Manager

  • Evan D. Cardoza

    Designer I

  • Scott Sechrist

    Constructability Review Specialist

Highway Team

  • Robert D. Bryant, P.E.

    Project Engineer

  • Charles R. Meyers, P.E.

    Project Engineer

  • Ryan M. Granville, P.E.


  • Adam E. Shriver

    Designer III

  • Vincent L. Dodson, P.E., P.L.S.


  • Justin T. Showalter

    Technician III

  • Adam Katrancha, P.E., CPESC


  • Tiffany A. Bryant

    Designer I

  • Cody J. Becker

    Designer I

  • Sarah J. Lockard

    Designer I

Utility Services Team

  • Garrett G. Leopold

    Utility Director/Designer III

  • Beverly Green

    Utility Assistant

  • Kurt Durland

    Utility Assistant

Environmental Team

  • Scott J. Klingenberg

    Environmental Services Director

  • Thomas S. Bilko

    Environmental Scientist

  • Chantal M. Sisko

    GIS Technician, Environmental Scientist

Geologic Services Team

  • Frank W. Catherine, P.E.

    Geologic Services Director

  • James R. Marhefka, P.G.

    Senior Project Geologist

Survey Team

  • David W. Butterbaugh, Jr., P.L.S.

    Survey and Geospatial Services Director

  • Richard K. Strayer

    Survey Technician IV

  • Nathan A. Keagy

    Survey Technician II and GIS Technician I

  • Joseph J. Shields

    Survey Technician III

Land Development and Building Solutions Team

  • Kenneth W. Szala, P.E.

    Land Development/Municipal Services Director

  • Elizabeth A. Heggi, P.E.


Construction Team

  • Gregory P. Sleasman

    Construction Inspection Director

Grantsmanship/Client Services Team

  • James P. Frank

    Client Services Director

  • Betsy Lehman

    Special Projects Director


  • Denise J. Lear


  • Ashley A. O’Neil


Human Resources

  • Tammie J. Fleck

    HR Director

  • Jennifer T. Gehl


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