14th Year with Adopt A Highway Program

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P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce the firm’s involvement in the Adopt A Highway program. The firm is very proud of our staff for participating in the annual Adopt A Highway program. Our firm has been involved since June of 2009! Our firm is very proud to serve Blair County and the surrounding areas, but always want to contribute to making and keeping it the best.

On Monday, May 15th, several staff from our firm volunteered their time to perform the 14th straight year of clearing trash and debris. The firm’s area covers Route 36/Penn Street, Hollidaysburg, PA from blocks starting at Hewitt Street near the YMCA to the intersection of Chimney Rocks Road and Bedford Street.  A big shout out to those staff that volunteered:  Jim Frank, Boby Bryant, Sarah Lockard, Bev Green, Chantal Sisko, Tammie Fleck, Betsy Lehman, Joe Lehman, children of Joe and Betsy: Lauren and Joey Lehman, Ryan Granville, Ken Szala, Elizabeth Heggi, Adam Shriver, and Ryan Murphy.

Although this year was hot, every filled bag was worth its weight in gold. Thank you to P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., for their volunteers this year and all the years prior. Many thanks also to numerous other businesses and organizations that support this program also! Most importantly, thank you to PennDOT for coordinating the program to keep Pennsylvania highways safe and clean!

In 1984, the idea for the Adopt A Highway program was born when James Evans, an engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, witnessed litter blowing out of the back of a pickup truck he was following in Tyler, Texas. Concerned about the increasing cost to the government of keeping roadways clean, Evans began asking community groups to volunteer to pick up trash along designated sections of local state highways. Evans got few takers for his idea, however, in 1985, Billy Black, the Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation took up the cause and organized the first official Adopt A Highway program. In April of 1990, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) began its Adopt A Highway (AAH) program. Since 1990, volunteers have been beautifying roadsides two miles at a time!

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