2018 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside

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PennDOT has finalized the details of the 2018 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funding and intends to allocate $55 million during this statewide funding round.  Eligible applicants may apply starting July 10th, all applications must be completed online on the webpage https://spportal.dot.pa.gov/planning/appreg/TAP/pages/default.aspx and must be submitted by September 22nd, with project selections being made in late January 2018.  Eligible applicants/sponsor include: local governments, regional transportation authorities, transit agencies, natural resource or public land agencies, school districts, local education agencies, schools, and tribal governments. 

The 2018 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funding is earmarked for programs and projects defined as transportation alternatives, such as on- and off- road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-drive access to public transportation and enhanced mobility, community improvement activities, environmental mitigation, recreational trail program projects, and safe routes to school projects.  PennDOT’s examples of project activities include but are not limited to: sidewalks, bike lanes, wide paved shoulders, off-road trails, rail trails, pedestrian signals or signs, traffic calming, lighting that primarily benefits cyclists and pedestrians, bicycle and pedestrian education for grades K-8, scenic overlooks, interpretive signage, stream channel stabilization, and historic preservation and rehab of historic transportation facilities (must be on or eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places). 

Projects applying to utilize Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funding must have a minimum construction cost of $50,000 and a maximum of $1 million.  A project may exceed $1 million if it is of exceptional regional or statewide significance.  The program is 80 percent federal funding and 20 percent state/local funding.  PennDOT does not require the sponsor to provide a true local match, instead the sponsor is required to pay pre-construction activities and PennDOT provides 100 percent reimbursement for all construction activities.  Sponsors must remember that this is a reimbursement program, no activities or construction performed prior to federal clearance via a completed Federal Form D-4232 the sponsor will not receive a reimbursement for incurred costs. 

Sponsors are highly encouraged to meet with both their Planning Partner (Metropolitan Planning Organization or Rural Planning Organization) and their PennDOT District to discuss the project prior to applying, additional points will be awarded to applicants who meet with both organizations.  PennDOT will be placing an emphasis on projects that will be ready to begin construction by August 31, 2020 during the selection process.  Projects with increased complexity through right-of-way, utility, environmental, public support, or other issues potentially adding to the cost or delay project delivery will score lower and are less likely to be selected. 

If you have any further questions regarding Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funding or have questions on how P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers can assist eligible sponsors apply, please call Marty Malone, Client Services Director at (814) 695-7500, or by email at mmalone@lehmanengineers.com. 

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