January 19, 2016

Land Development and Building Solutions

The Sheetz store project involved several challenges, including razing several buildings, the need to blend into the neighborhood, and an elevation drop of about 20 feet from the front to the rear of the lot. To manage the elevation drop, we graded the lot to minimize cut and fill, while maximizing the visibility along West High Street and keeping the retaining wall at the rear as low as possible and yet have access. The entire site is nearly impervious, so underground detention and a bio-pond were used to meet Borough and DEP stormwater requirements. In our solution, we considered vehicle access grades from West High Street, Ogle Street and Triumph Street as well as vehicle headlight glare into bordering residential home windows. The site was designed to blend into the neighborhood setting and serve pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic.A2016-03-01 at 11-01-37
A2016-03-01 at 11-02-46

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