Lehman’s Chosen as Top 100 Organizations of PA

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As stated by the Pennsylvania Business Central magazine, “In the heart of Pennsylvania, where bus­tling communities blend seamlessly with serene landscapes, lies a region rich in innovation, resilience, and community spirit. Central Pennsylvania thrives on the collective efforts of its vibrant organi­zations, driving economic growth, social progress, and technological advance­ment. As we follow up on our Top 100 People edition in January, we now want to recognize and honor the pillars of this dynamic landscape, so we are proud to present our 2024 edition of the Top 100 Organizations in Central Pennsylvania.”

That said, we are proud to announce that P. JOSEPH LEHMAN, Inc. was selected as one of the Top 100 Organizations in Pennsylvania!

PA Business Central article continues, “In recognizing the Top 100 Organiza­tions, we celebrate not only their individ­ual successes but also the interconnect­edness of our communities. Behind every milestone achieved and every accolade earned, lie countless hours of dedication, collaboration, and perseverance. It is this spirit of collective endeavor that propels central Pennsylvania forward, fostering a culture of excellence and progress.”

We at the firm our honored to be selected for such a prestigious recognition and thank the PA Business Central for choosing our firm!

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